Coaching leads to increased awareness and better insight into ones own situation. This in turn leads to increased ability and will to take action. But, sometimes it take a little more of a push to lift yourself out of decline. This is where physical activity comes into the picture. That physical activity is crucial to good health, both mentally and physically, is nothing new. The immediate mood boost that comes from physical activity can be used to motivate further action.

Together we will work as follows. Before our first talk, I will send you a few questions just to get the process going. During our first meeting we will establish to what extent you are physically active and what you feel physical activity can mean to you. We will also look at how the activity can help you in addressing your challenges. When we have established the type of physical activity that is the most appropriate for you, we will create an action plan and schedule the activity with appropriate periodicity. We will carefully follow your progress, both in regards to what the activity is doing for you physically as well as how it affects you handling your challenge.